+ What information do I need to give in order to participate?

You only need to give first and last name, and a mobile phone number. When you are ready to redeem a paid day off, you will need to provide a valid US address so we can mail you a prepaid VISA card.

+ How much do I pay in fees?

There are no fees. You get to keep 100% of your clients’ contributions - forever!

+ Why ask my clients to join Alia when I could just ask for the $5?

It is much harder to purchase insurance products on your own. The Alia team has worked hard to negotiate excellent rates for you. Also, clients are often more excited to give $5 to support paid time off and insurance benefits than just giving out $5.

+ How long can I leave my credits in my account?

You can leave credits in your account for 18 months without any type of activity. After 18 months, we may deactivate your Alia account. If you believe that your account may be inactive for 18 months and would still like to continue using Alia, please contact us at

+ Does Alia report client contributions for tax purposes?

No, we do not.

+ How do I know I can trust Alia?

Alia has been featured on CNN, Telemundo, and many other mainstream news organization. We are funded by foundations such as, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, and others. The mission of Alia is to make sure that if you work, you get benefits. That's what we are about.